Junk Removal - Residential and Businesses

When you need to complete extensive clean-outs, JunkIt MS Services can help.
Housing clean-outs can take weeks if you don't have an organized, aggressive approach.
Our team will work quickly and tackle one room at a time until we have removed everything from the area.
We also offer apartment clean-outs.
Our garage clean-out services can help with spring cleaning.
Call today for quotes in the Central, MS area!

Benefits of Home Junk Removal

De cluttering your home will make you feel better.
You will have less things to worry about. More space will bring you peace-of mind.
We know our stress levels go down because clutter represents an insecure environment which isn't good at all!
Hiring someone who has experience removing unwanted items from homes like yours (whether personal or business), is a game changer.
We’ll take care of getting rid of everything quickly and carefully.

Our Process

At JunkIt Ms Services, our first step is to examine the sections you’d like cleared out and calculate the estimate based on our truck load rates. We’ll give you an estimate based on the gathered information along with the amount of stuff we are moving out in order to quote the actual cost. Thereafter, we’ll begin the process where our crew coordinates to gently withdraw the undesired items from your home. Lastly, we split the items removed into what we think could be recycled, donated, or just thrown out. Creating for you a fresh and clean space.

No More Junk in Your Home or Business!

Our process streamlines junk removal for the single-family home. We make sure that our services are done in an orderly and timely manner. We ensure that the work will always be done properly and in a way that best suits your needs.

When you need help getting rid of all your unwanted items so that life can feel calm again, consider contacting JunkIt MS Services. Our team is professional and quick to clear out the clutter in any single-family home! To go “junk-free” today contact us for an appointment at 601-955-1966.

Residential Clean-Outs

Commercial Clean-Outs